Are you a master at finding reasons NOT to ride?

  Do you procrastinate when it comes to riding?

✓  Are you struggling, frustrated and/or feeling like a failure?

 Have you tried "pushing through" the fear (only to make it worse)?

 Have you tried remedies, or spent ££ on more lessons or trainers?

 Have you tried "Positive thinking"? (easier said than done)

  Do you feel an Increase in heart rate, breathing, shaking or nausea?

 Do you feel like you don't deserve your horse, and he's wasted on you?

✓  Do you want to ride with pure Joy, and confidence and reignite that passion and fun you once had with horses?


I love working with riders that want to be riding with Calm, focused confidence. After working with many anxious riders just like you. I have found that it is rarely about the horse. The root cause of these issues are much deeper. We identify these, and rewire your mind with helpful patterns rather than the blocks that have been sabotaging you!


Book a Free Breakthrough Coaching call below, and we can chat about the challenges you are facing, in what areas the Fear Shows up, and work out a customised blueprint package for you to start LOVING your Riding and Feeling Confident in ANY situation that shows up!

I also offer an online program for those who are happy to work through lessons by themselves and at their own pace. Click below for more information.

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So this is one of my clients who was struggling with one ride inparticular, she would get nervous just thinking about it. and she didnt really know why.  It was close to her stables, a beautiful ride and she really wanted to enjoy it!  After a reprogramming session she messaged me to say she had done the ride with no stirrups!  I then received this video...💕🏇