Imposter Syndrome


 When you succeed, do you secretly feel like you "got away with it again"?

 Do you believe you got to where you are today with luck, opportunity or just because people like you?

 Do you worry that "the Talent Police" are going to find out that you are actually a fake?

 Do you really struggle with constructive feedback - seeing it as proof that you are not good enough?

 Despite others regarding you as talented you have profound doubts about your adequacy.



Go from feeling like an Imposter, to truly feeling confident in your worth and your abilities.


Go to work KNOWING how good you are (I know you are currently thinking.."but I'm really...")


We can sort this, its super common especially amongst women. We work on eliminating those unhelpful beliefs by discovering the root cause, uprooting it and replacing it with new beliefs, enabling you to really live to your full potential!